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Swindon Panel - 21 November 1970 - Robert Learmouth

Swindon Panel - 21 November 1970 - Robert Learmouth_14640650034_o.jpg N36ThumbnailsSwindon Panel - 12 January 1975

This photo gives away the answers to several panel queries: There appears to be an exit button in the neck of the Works Siding, but no signal to come back from the neck. An identical arrangement existed in the Upper Triangle ahead of R.541 at Reading, to allow the shunter an extra few yards for shunting between siding roads. The same also seems to apply to the Engineers Sidings on the Down Main side at the west end of the station.

The Diesel MPD GF and Highworth Junction GF are present, but the Down Yard and Down Siding GFs are absent (not yet installed).

There is also quite a lot of pointwork at Rushey Platt, including the SMJ Sidings, the Down Engineers Sidings and the Main-Main crossover. Rodbourne A and B are also still present.

Robert Learmouth