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Uffington - Bourton - Extremely Rare Views 15139484217 o

Uffington - Bourton - Extremely Rare Views_15139484217_o.jpg Wootton Bassett Junction 15139438118 oThumbnailsTrain Describer - A position 15139283409 o

This photo was from after the first (abortive) attempt to commission the new junction at South Marston, and before the second (successful) attempt.

The panel tiles at the east end of the panel were moved up the panel in order to create space for the new Dominos required for the South Marston area.

These Dominos were subsequently moved back down again into line with the rest of the layout, compressing the space formerly occupied by Uffington Loops.

What an expensive exercise it must have been!

This is the only photo we know of that shows the panel in this state.

[Photo by Duncan Thom]