Swindon Panel Preservation Photo Gallery

Photgraphic archive of Swindon Panel and the Swindon Panel Society

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Terence Chapman: I apologise for the over-exposure of the operating room, but it was my first camera and I was only 19. Nobody could stay still long enough for the light available. I was a S&T trainee on the then London S&T District and the District Engineer at the time was Arthur Mellin from Neath and the Senior Tech was Ron Bangs from Teignmouth. Our District Office was at West Ealing. This was in 1969. I stayed there about 1 year then I was moved to Reading and had a spell at Newton Abbot, Worcester and Newport. All good experience of modern and traditional. Ron Bangs was preceded by Ray Hallet as Senior Tech but he became seriously ill and died young. Derek Turner was like the number two to Ron, but I can't now remember most of the techs. Morris Dear from Devon, was one.